You’re not Punk if…


Punk rock is more than just a genre of music. It is a lifestyle that many people throughout the decades have used to define themselves. A culture of folks who are rebelling against the establishment and embracing a world that is more chaotic. Punk traces its roots back into the mid to late 1970s when bands broke away from what was considered rock and roll, then and made an edgy, bold sound comprised of muddy distortion, power chords and anarchy. Do you consider yourself punk? Read on and see if you fit the bill.
Know Your History
True punk rockers know that the bands calling themselves punk rock today are just bands that were inspired by the artists that came before them. True punk rock enthusiasts don’t have to enjoy what punk rock is today, but they damn sure better like where it came from. Bands like the Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Clash should be on a regular rotation in your digital library you take on the go with you. True believers have some of the releases, if not all of them, on pressed vinyl for the original sound quality. Punk rock is a lot about knowing your roots, and what inspired artists then to push the boundaries artists are still pushing today.

The Trend-less Trend

There is a certain style that comes with a punk rock lifestyle. There is no set code. There is no certain pair of pants or shoes required. Punk rock is about embracing the individual, and setting one’s self apart from the pack in whatever way works for you. In the 80s, chains and mohawks ruled the punk rock scene. Non conformity and self expression become ideals for each individual person to pursue as they choose, from an unnatural hair style or color to tattered jeans and combat boots. Just a general rule of thumb, no one ever looks in the mirror and asks themselves if their dressed “punk” enough.

DIY Before DIY Was Cool

If you are a musician, punk rock was one of the genres that promoted from the very beginning the premise of self producing and self releasing albums and singles. This is based partly on the fact that the sound was so radical from rock at the time that major labels were not ready to produce it, and later became a staple to keep corporations from influencing the perceived purity of true punk rock bands. This ideal of doing things on your own and being responsible for yourself and what you want resonates in all areas of a punk lifestyle. You aren’t going to find true punk rock clothes at Hot Topic, because true punk attire is broken in and unlike anything else.

Taking A Stand

Being a punk rocker, either a literal one or just a true fan, is about an attitude focused on the world around you. While anarchy and chaos are the staples of the movement, it isn’t the true basis at all. Punk is about seeking change to a system that is broken. As chaotic as the songs and people are, punk rock preaches breaking down the walls and starting at a place where everyone is accepted and everyone has the same opportunities as the elite class do. True punk enthusiasts envision a world where anything is possible because corrupt people and organizations have crumbled under the righteous heel of empowered individuals working together.

It doesn’t matter where you fall when it comes to pop punk bands like Green Day and Blink 182, nor does it matter whether you are just getting into this kind of music right now. Punk rock is all about the individual.

Take a look over those key points again, see where you land on just how punk you actually are. If you really are punk rock, maybe you don’t need a stupid list to tell you anyway.

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