Best Old School Punk Bands


Here are some of the best old school punk bands whose legacies endure:

1. The Ramones

The legacy of the Ramones lives on since their sunshine moments in the 70s. Remarkably, this group showed an exceptional flourish in lyricism and composition on a scale unprecedented in history. It would be unfair to belittle the artistry that reflects in their famous songs such as Blitzkrieg Bop, Hey Ho, Let’s Go, Road to Ruin and Baby I Love You. Without doubt, the Ramones stood apart in their exemplary chord progression, humor and versatility. Their revolutionary approach to music shows in the manner in which they deployed their creative potential to invent and recreate existing forms of music into completely new types of punk rock music.

2. Dead Kennedys

Some rock music bands flash quickly in the skies of music before they die quickly like meteors, but others like the Dead Kennedys last through the sands of time. Everybody who lives now and had the chance to listen to this punk rock music band should recall the dark sense of humor than featured in most of their songs. You only have to recall the lyrics of their famous hits such as Holiday in Cambodia, Kill the Poor, California Uber Alles and Police Truck for you to endorse this sentiment. Their rock-infused punk guitars reinforced the social commentary in their music, which was often themed on the evils of the society and the horrors of history.

3. Black Flag

An overpowering sense of nostalgia must afflict punk rock music lovers any time they listen to songs such as Rise Above, Nervous Breakdown, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, TV Party and My War. Indeed, Back Flag was one of the best old school punk bands that defined the contours of music in the 1970s and beyond. For decades, their remarkable vocal energy influenced upcoming artistes who considered this group as America’s true north in matters of music. The group’s lead guitarist Greg Ginn lashed through the performances with power of his discordant noises as he plucked on the strings with unparalleled intensity.

4. Minor Threat

In every respect, Minor Threat made a very strong impact on hardcore punk rock music. This group brought some sense of difference through the ingenuity of their creativity that seemed to fall a little outside the normal grain of 70s rock. The aspect of sensationalism and their vocal prowess are some of the memorable strengths that constitute their legacy. Their stage performance was unique in terms of the youthful energy, harmonious choreography and emotional appeal that entranced the crowds. Despite the passage of time, songs such as Guilty of Being White, Straight Edge, In My Eyes, I Don’t Wanna Hear It and Seeing Red have retained their appeal.

5. The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols romped onto the punk rock music stage with themes and styles that attracted both praise and criticism. Even after the banning of Never Mind the Bollocks, this group trounced its rivals in the industry for a long while and revitalized Britain’s rock music creativity in a manner that reshaped the industry. Some of the songs that defined their reputation include Anarchy in the U.K, God Save The Queen, Pretty Vacant, Bodies and Holidays in Thesun. Their fame and legacy shall endure as long as the genre lives.


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