Best New School Punk Bands


In case you are not aware, pop-punk is not dead. But even if you have not noticed, it is totally understandable. Pop-punk has a fickle relationship with the mainstream music. Well, perhaps it is in the traditional sense. No more Dead Kennedys and Sex Pistols on the radio, even if their legacy lives on.


In the form of new school punk bands, the genre is alive and well. It is forging a new and exciting scene. In 2011, four Australian teenagers plunged on the music scene with an explosion. Boy-band Blink-182 and Charm hooks made 5 Seconds in Summer one of the most popular bands of the genre through their self-titled debut which ranked number 1 in over 11 countries. A lot of people on YouTube and Tumblr have handled effectively their incomputable influence to catapult a new host of bands to stardom. Here are the best new school punk bands you should definitely check out.


  1. Sleeping with Sirens

Sleeping with Sirens is one of the bands that are mostly re-blogged on Tumblr. It was formed in 2009. It enjoys an ever-growing support from young and loyal fans. Sleeping with Sirens’ album, Feel debuted number 3 on Billboards 200. If you are unfamiliar with the name of this band, just pay attention and you will realize that they are ever present.


  1. Against The Current

Against The Current, also known as ATC, are managed by WATIC’s (We Are the in Crowd) Mike Ferri. This group possesses a fan base of youngsters. It has a direct relation to frontwoman Chrissy Constanza, 20 and her huge internet celebrity as both a YouTube makeup vlogger and a singer. ATC cover massive pop songs and write their own bridging the gap between pop-punk and mainstream punk. According to their Tumblr following, they will most definitely lead the next stage of new school punk.


  1. State Champs

State Champs crafts massive pop hooks with infectiously modern tunes. In 2014, the band was invited on the road with All Time Low on their massive North American theatre tour.


  1. Joyce Manor

The California-based Joyce Manor is a true classic on the punk community. This band leans toward an older fan base and exists in harmony with longtime Pitchfork readers and the new school Warped Tour Crowd. The group’s songs don’t sludgy and they possess the melodious influence of stalwarts’ punk.


  1. We Are the In Crowd

We Are the In Crowd, also known as WATIC is a New York-based band formed in 2009. It made its debut in its first full-length, Best Intentions in 2011. WATIC’s second release, Weird Kids took position 29 on the Billboard chart. It is fronted by Taylor Jardine.


  1. Real Friends

Real Friends was formed in 2011. They released their debut full-length in 2014 and the album was ranked number 24 on the Billboard chart. The group was one of the most exciting acts on Warped Tour in 2014.


  1. The Story So Far

The Story So Far has been around for ten years now and in each passing year, their success grows significantly winning new fans with every record. The group has earned a reputation for being simple with its frontman Parker Cannon making news when he jumped from the stage at Montreal Warped Tour to defend a fan that was allegedly being harassed by security.



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