Some of our Fave Punk Albums

Compared to the history of music there is no doubt that punk rock is relatively new. It might have started some time during 1976 and perhaps in New York’s Bowery. Four differently thinking cretins came up with a number known as bubblegum. It was perhaps the first attempt at splitting rock and roll into two halves. It would not be wrong to mention that punk rocks started as a negative way of looking at things and was famous for its stark and at times brutal simplicity. However, as it progressed the variety that it provided was simply amazing. The rest is all history and today there could be millions of punk rock fans remembering some all time great bands like Ramones and many other such names. The list of these all time greats is quite big and it might not be possible to have a look at each one of them. However, over the next few lines we will try and have a look at a couple of such masterpieces and find out why they have been able to capture the imagination and minds of millions of fans across the world. More importantly they have been able to stand the test of time and continue to be adored and liked by today’s younger generation too.
Nirvana – Nevermind (1991)
The basic concept around which punk rock has been built is experimentation and freedom to go to any extremes when doing such experimentation. Hence there is no doubt that when there is something coming from the Nirvana Group it certainly is worth watching closely specifically because it will offer quite a few things to the audiences. Kurt Cobain has always believed in freedom and this has been fully amplified in the album Nirvana – Never mind which hit the market in 1991. It was well and truly a classic hit as far as American Mainstream music was concerned. It created rage. It set new benchmarks and both young and old were simply mesmerized by the freshness and newness it offered to them. It well and truly created a big following of metal kids who were madly with Cobain’s. His dream had well and truly come true and even today Nirvana continues to capture the imagination of new generation music lovers.
Ramones (1976)
When we talk about Punk Rock there is hardly any doubt that Ramones is considered by many as a legend. Their debut album was record in February 1976 for a price of $6,400. Ramones idea and the way forward quite simple. They wanted to just remained focused on the main substance and do away with things which were either not necessary or just superfluous. When they were recording this album they were often considered as four outcasts but what they came out was simply amazing and original. They had great names like guitarist Johnny, Bo Diddley and Dick Dale. The number was about things that were real and relevant like despair, drugs and hustling. Drummer Tommy was the co-producer and his previous experience as recording engineer certainly helped. It was well and truly the beginning of punk rock and others perhaps just followed and tried to keep pace with they had achieved in 1976.

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You’re not Punk if…

Punk rock is more than just a genre of music. It is a lifestyle that many people throughout the decades have used to define themselves. A culture of folks who are rebelling against the establishment and embracing a world that is more chaotic. Punk traces its roots back into the mid to late 1970s when bands broke away from what was considered rock and roll, then and made an edgy, bold sound comprised of muddy distortion, power chords and anarchy. Do you consider yourself punk? Read on and see if you fit the bill.
Know Your History
True punk rockers know that the bands calling themselves punk rock today are just bands that were inspired by the artists that came before them. True punk rock enthusiasts don’t have to enjoy what punk rock is today, but they damn sure better like where it came from. Bands like the Sex Pistols, The Ramones and The Clash should be on a regular rotation in your digital library you take on the go with you. True believers have some of the releases, if not all of them, on pressed vinyl for the original sound quality. Punk rock is a lot about knowing your roots, and what inspired artists then to push the boundaries artists are still pushing today.

The Trend-less Trend

There is a certain style that comes with a punk rock lifestyle. There is no set code. There is no certain pair of pants or shoes required. Punk rock is about embracing the individual, and setting one’s self apart from the pack in whatever way works for you. In the 80s, chains and mohawks ruled the punk rock scene. Non conformity and self expression become ideals for each individual person to pursue as they choose, from an unnatural hair style or color to tattered jeans and combat boots. Just a general rule of thumb, no one ever looks in the mirror and asks themselves if their dressed “punk” enough.

DIY Before DIY Was Cool

If you are a musician, punk rock was one of the genres that promoted from the very beginning the premise of self producing and self releasing albums and singles. This is based partly on the fact that the sound was so radical from rock at the time that major labels were not ready to produce it, and later became a staple to keep corporations from influencing the perceived purity of true punk rock bands. This ideal of doing things on your own and being responsible for yourself and what you want resonates in all areas of a punk lifestyle. You aren’t going to find true punk rock clothes at Hot Topic, because true punk attire is broken in and unlike anything else.

Taking A Stand

Being a punk rocker, either a literal one or just a true fan, is about an attitude focused on the world around you. While anarchy and chaos are the staples of the movement, it isn’t the true basis at all. Punk is about seeking change to a system that is broken. As chaotic as the songs and people are, punk rock preaches breaking down the walls and starting at a place where everyone is accepted and everyone has the same opportunities as the elite class do. True punk enthusiasts envision a world where anything is possible because corrupt people and organizations have crumbled under the righteous heel of empowered individuals working together.

It doesn’t matter where you fall when it comes to pop punk bands like Green Day and Blink 182, nor does it matter whether you are just getting into this kind of music right now. Punk rock is all about the individual.

Take a look over those key points again, see where you land on just how punk you actually are. If you really are punk rock, maybe you don’t need a stupid list to tell you anyway.

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Best Venues for a Punk Concert

If you are a rock music lover, love going to concerts, and you really want to know how to meet a band so you can take some pictures with them, get autographs, or even chat a little bit with them? Here are are some concert venues for you.

Throughout the country, there are tons of amazing concert venues where you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying the great outdoors. Some of these stages also give you the opportunity to view stunning natural settings across our country. Read on and learn more about the greatest concert venues in this nation. You just might start to planning a road trip to these venues!

Gorge Amphitheatre

Located in George, Washington, this performance space was built in 1985 and has become known as one of the best and most scenic music venues in the world. The space is located near the Columbia River, with stunning views of the Cascade Mountains in the background. It can hold up to 20,000 visitors and even has a nearby campground available for stays during the performances.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

It’s become sort of a pilgrimage for music lovers and has hosted amazing acts like the Beatles and U2. It’s made of two 300-foot rocks and sandstone, and it seats up to 10,000 guests. Red Rocks is located in Red Rock Park and boasts stunning views of the Denver area. It was designed by Burnham Hoyt and opened in 1941, showing the world how nature and functionality can complement each other.

Greek Theatre

The Greek Theatre has gained popularity as a seminal spot for many up-and-coming musical acts. The venue is a part of UC Berkeley and was opened in 1903 for use by the school’s theater productions. With its close location to Hollywood, it has hosted not only many popular bands, but also a number of actors and actresses also like Oliva De Haviland and Mickey Rooney. The theater is likewise the site of Berkeley’s graduation functions, attracting remarkable initiation speakers like President Theodore Roosevelt. The amphitheatre gets its name from its Greek-style columns and architecture.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

The Jay Pritzker Pavilion, designed by famous architect Frank Gehry, is a stunning installation in Chicago’s Millennium Park. The structure contains 120-foot stainless steel strips that extend over the Great Lawn. In the heart of downtown Chicago and just a short stroll from Lake Michigan, you can take a gander at the city’s horizon and appreciate the breeze falling off of the lake as you listen to music from mainstream groups. There is a mix of fixed seating and lawn space, so you can bring out a blanket and have a picnic as you to listen to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra on a warm summer night. The lawn is also equipped with the technology that drains out moisture, so you don’t have to worry about getting your pants wet.

We live in a nation with numerous stunning open air show venues, some which merit taking a trek for. On the off chance that you are going to listen to your most loved band, why not improve the experience by doing as such in an excellent setting?

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Best Old School Punk Bands

Here are some of the best old school punk bands whose legacies endure:

1. The Ramones

The legacy of the Ramones lives on since their sunshine moments in the 70s. Remarkably, this group showed an exceptional flourish in lyricism and composition on a scale unprecedented in history. It would be unfair to belittle the artistry that reflects in their famous songs such as Blitzkrieg Bop, Hey Ho, Let’s Go, Road to Ruin and Baby I Love You. Without doubt, the Ramones stood apart in their exemplary chord progression, humor and versatility. Their revolutionary approach to music shows in the manner in which they deployed their creative potential to invent and recreate existing forms of music into completely new types of punk rock music.

2. Dead Kennedys

Some rock music bands flash quickly in the skies of music before they die quickly like meteors, but others like the Dead Kennedys last through the sands of time. Everybody who lives now and had the chance to listen to this punk rock music band should recall the dark sense of humor than featured in most of their songs. You only have to recall the lyrics of their famous hits such as Holiday in Cambodia, Kill the Poor, California Uber Alles and Police Truck for you to endorse this sentiment. Their rock-infused punk guitars reinforced the social commentary in their music, which was often themed on the evils of the society and the horrors of history.

3. Black Flag

An overpowering sense of nostalgia must afflict punk rock music lovers any time they listen to songs such as Rise Above, Nervous Breakdown, Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, TV Party and My War. Indeed, Back Flag was one of the best old school punk bands that defined the contours of music in the 1970s and beyond. For decades, their remarkable vocal energy influenced upcoming artistes who considered this group as America’s true north in matters of music. The group’s lead guitarist Greg Ginn lashed through the performances with power of his discordant noises as he plucked on the strings with unparalleled intensity.

4. Minor Threat

In every respect, Minor Threat made a very strong impact on hardcore punk rock music. This group brought some sense of difference through the ingenuity of their creativity that seemed to fall a little outside the normal grain of 70s rock. The aspect of sensationalism and their vocal prowess are some of the memorable strengths that constitute their legacy. Their stage performance was unique in terms of the youthful energy, harmonious choreography and emotional appeal that entranced the crowds. Despite the passage of time, songs such as Guilty of Being White, Straight Edge, In My Eyes, I Don’t Wanna Hear It and Seeing Red have retained their appeal.

5. The Sex Pistols

The Sex Pistols romped onto the punk rock music stage with themes and styles that attracted both praise and criticism. Even after the banning of Never Mind the Bollocks, this group trounced its rivals in the industry for a long while and revitalized Britain’s rock music creativity in a manner that reshaped the industry. Some of the songs that defined their reputation include Anarchy in the U.K, God Save The Queen, Pretty Vacant, Bodies and Holidays in Thesun. Their fame and legacy shall endure as long as the genre lives.


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Best New School Punk Bands

In case you are not aware, pop-punk is not dead. But even if you have not noticed, it is totally understandable. Pop-punk has a fickle relationship with the mainstream music. Well, perhaps it is in the traditional sense. No more Dead Kennedys and Sex Pistols on the radio, even if their legacy lives on.


In the form of new school punk bands, the genre is alive and well. It is forging a new and exciting scene. In 2011, four Australian teenagers plunged on the music scene with an explosion. Boy-band Blink-182 and Charm hooks made 5 Seconds in Summer one of the most popular bands of the genre through their self-titled debut which ranked number 1 in over 11 countries. A lot of people on YouTube and Tumblr have handled effectively their incomputable influence to catapult a new host of bands to stardom. Here are the best new school punk bands you should definitely check out.


  1. Sleeping with Sirens

Sleeping with Sirens is one of the bands that are mostly re-blogged on Tumblr. It was formed in 2009. It enjoys an ever-growing support from young and loyal fans. Sleeping with Sirens’ album, Feel debuted number 3 on Billboards 200. If you are unfamiliar with the name of this band, just pay attention and you will realize that they are ever present.


  1. Against The Current

Against The Current, also known as ATC, are managed by WATIC’s (We Are the in Crowd) Mike Ferri. This group possesses a fan base of youngsters. It has a direct relation to frontwoman Chrissy Constanza, 20 and her huge internet celebrity as both a YouTube makeup vlogger and a singer. ATC cover massive pop songs and write their own bridging the gap between pop-punk and mainstream punk. According to their Tumblr following, they will most definitely lead the next stage of new school punk.


  1. State Champs

State Champs crafts massive pop hooks with infectiously modern tunes. In 2014, the band was invited on the road with All Time Low on their massive North American theatre tour.


  1. Joyce Manor

The California-based Joyce Manor is a true classic on the punk community. This band leans toward an older fan base and exists in harmony with longtime Pitchfork readers and the new school Warped Tour Crowd. The group’s songs don’t sludgy and they possess the melodious influence of stalwarts’ punk.


  1. We Are the In Crowd

We Are the In Crowd, also known as WATIC is a New York-based band formed in 2009. It made its debut in its first full-length, Best Intentions in 2011. WATIC’s second release, Weird Kids took position 29 on the Billboard chart. It is fronted by Taylor Jardine.


  1. Real Friends

Real Friends was formed in 2011. They released their debut full-length in 2014 and the album was ranked number 24 on the Billboard chart. The group was one of the most exciting acts on Warped Tour in 2014.


  1. The Story So Far

The Story So Far has been around for ten years now and in each passing year, their success grows significantly winning new fans with every record. The group has earned a reputation for being simple with its frontman Parker Cannon making news when he jumped from the stage at Montreal Warped Tour to defend a fan that was allegedly being harassed by security.



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